The Official website of Woodbridge Township Fire District No. 8, Board of Fire Commissioners


As a team of highly trained and dedicated professionals, it is our mission to provide the highest standard of service to all those who may seek our help. We are a service provider and we stand ready to provide fire suppression, fire prevention and education, rescue services. We will faithfully provide these vital services, promptly and safely, to any person who resides in, works in, or visits the Fire District.
As a fire district comprised of individuals committed to serving others, we will always provide for the welfare of our personnel through a healthy and rewarding work environment. We are dedicated to respect, integrity, compassion, and leadership amongst ourselves so that we may proudly serve others.”
·   We will strive to be a model of excellence in providing fire protection, fire prevention, public education and any other related services at the local, state and national levels.
·   We will be an organization dedicated to continuous improvement in every detail of the services we provide.
·   Our organization will foster the atmosphere of trust, involvement, innovation, creativity and accountability.
·   We will be responsive to the needs and priorities of our community as identified by both the Fire District and the residents.
   We value the faith and trust of the community, and continually work to deserve that confidence through our caring attitude, conduct, and accomplishments.
·   We value and respect all members of our organization and support each individual’s efforts to achieve their highest potential.
·   We value teamwork, honesty, respect, tolerance, and compassion.
·   We value responsibility, integrity, and initiative, and education.
·   We value the pursuit of excellence.
·   We value effectiveness, efficiency, and economy.
·  We value an innovative environment which enhances the efficient delivery of   emergency services.
·   We value our ability to anticipate, influence and embrace change.